Hi, I'm Jade!

I’m a Holistic Health & Life Coach. I help socially anxious women own who they are, step into their power and live confidently and courageously.

For years I secretly battled anxiety. I was so stuck in my mind I would constantly put myself down, overthink everything and would spend hours agonising over the past and future. I spent a lot of time avoiding the spotlight, playing small and saying ‘no’ to new opportunities and possibilities, when I really wanted to ‘yes’. I would hide behind fake smiles and happy Facebook photos – but almost all day, everyday I felt anxious and full of dread.  

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested countless tools, treatments and ‘quick fixes’. I was so desperate for a cure, I once researched surgery to cut the nerves in my face to prevent blushing. To say I hated my anxiety, is an understatement. I felt like it was holding me back in so many areas of my life - from making new friends to getting a promotion at work. It left me feeling alone, isolated and ashamed of who I was.

It took years to regain my confidence, to see my enoughness and to realise anxiety was actually a gift. Yes, a gift!

You see, everything I’ve gone through - all the dark days and the tears - have given me strength I never knew I had, growth I never knew I needed and insight that has truly changed my life.

 And this website, and my work, and my desire to push past my fear and become comfortable in the uncomfortable - it’s for you.

I don’t want you to struggle or be in pain for as long as I did. No. I want you to believe in yourself, to recognise your power, to own your story, to trust your inner wisdom, to find the gifts and alchemy in your journey and to live a life you love! That’s what I want for you.

“What you are looking for is already in you.

You already are everything you are seeking.”

— Thich Nhat Hanh